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i want to ask whether test tube baby is legal in islam.and this kind of method of treatment is legal or not?thanks
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The fact that more than one blastocyst is produced in the test tube baby method and that some of them are placed into the uterus and others are destroyed or used in researches and the treatment of some diseases makes the test tube baby issue debatable again in terms of religion. It is because there are some scientists that regard zygote that forms after the insemination of the egg by the sperm as a human being. Accordingly, the human being should be shown respect from the first moment; his legal rights should be recognized and they should not be violated.

In order to eliminate this objection, if possible, no eggs more than necessary should be inseminated and they should be preserved through scientific-technological means; only the eggs that are necessary should be inseminated. Otherwise, it will be objectionable to eliminate the inseminated eggs in terms of religion.

Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı - Halil GÜNENÇ, Günümüz Meselelerine Fetvalar II. 326

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