Question 69: Can a cell come into being spontaneously? Can Stromatolite organisms, which are regarded as the ancestors of living beings, not come into being spontaneously? How is the birth and death of cells in sea water?

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Answer: Is there a single event that occurred spontaneously in the world? Can something like this be shown? That is, can something happen on its own, without a maker or a master? Human history has never witnessed such a thing so far. If there is a work, a substance, it definitely has a maker and a master. In that case, why is it claimed that a cell occurs on its own? The simplest and shortest answer to this is as follows: The basis of living beings is the cell. With the claim that the cell comes into being spontaneously, they want to impose the idea that all living beings come into being on their own, without a creator; thus, they want to distance people from the thought of the existence of a Creator.

Were they successful in it? Yes, they were. That is actually the view of the philosophy that disregards a creator and denies Him. It has been claimed for nearly two hundred years by this philosophy that beings occur spontaneously or as a work of nature. However, it is done, not in the name of denialist philosophy, but in the name of science. It is claimed that science has proved that beings occur spontaneously. However, science does not show such a thing because the alleged thing has nothing to do with reason and logic. The cell is shown as a simple structure by this philosophy. Their aim is to create the idea in the minds of those who are not involved in the issue that simple things can happen on their own. No being occurs spontaneously no matter how simple it is. Besides, the cell is alive and it is not simple.

In short, that an organism has a simple structure does not mean that it occurs on its own. There is no scientific evidence for such a claim. It is only a thought based on positivist philosophy.

A being itself has to exist first in order to form itself. How can a non-existent being make itself? A being with knowledge, will and power is necessary for the formation of another being whether it has a simple or high structure.

A Creator first wants to make or create that being; His power and knowledge have to be sufficient for it; only then can he do it. For example, can you claim that the word “Cell” is written by itself? Or, if such an opinion is put forward, can you accept it?

You cannot make even a child in elementary school accept such an idea, that is, the idea that the word “cell” is written in a notebook on its own. You know conscientiously that even a letter is not written in a notebook on its own. In that case, how do you convince your soul that a cell occurs on its own?

You have socks on your feet. Do you accept that those socks were made spontaneously? That is, can those socks happen spontaneously without a master and maker? Let alone the socks’ occurring spontaneously, do these socks cover your feet and come out of your feet on their own?

Could accepting such a superstition have anything to do with science, reason and logic? And can it be claimed that anyone who accepts this idea thinks smartly and healthily?

Besides, the cell is not such a simple substance. It looks as if there are tens of factories inside. Tens of organelles such as the mitochondria, which are power plants generating energy, ribosomes and RNAs, which play a role in the formation of nutrients, DNAs, which have an important role in the transfer and control of the genetic structure, chromosomes, which are derived from DNAs, chloroplasts, which act like a factory by converting solar energy into chemical energy in food production, and endoplasmic reticulum, where nutrients are stored and transported, are the works of Allah, who has infinite knowledge, will and power. Each of them is a separate realm in itself. There are thousands of people who became professors by examining the structure of the cell and the events that occur in it. This examination will not end until Doomsday.

Thus, the work done with science in the cell indicates the existence of a scholar/scientist who does this work. The fact that science is infinite indicates that the science of the scholar is infinite too. That everything is very planned, smooth and measured in the cell also proves that the will and power of that scholar is infinite.

If a cell occurs on its own as it is claimed, there is no need for huge research laboratories and thousands of scientists working there to research and study the cell. At least, logical and measured structures and functions are not expected in spontaneous events. Everything happens in chaos and disorder. However, the organelles in the cell are enlarged ten thousand, sometimes a hundred thousand times, and planned and measured events and logical and useful reactions in it are examined. In conclusion, it is seen that everything is planned, built and managed in the most perfect way.

Although all this is clear, to claim that the cell occurs spontaneously is definitely nonsensical and it has nothing to do with science, reason and logical thought.

There is no such thing as the birth and death of cells in sea water. In the early 1900s, the Russian scientist Operin put forward some theses to excludethe creator in the formation of cells. One of them is the view that the first cell probably occurred spontaneously in the sea. It has not been possible so far to show that a cell was formed in the sea water, whether in the present conditions or in the first atmosphere conditions. It will be not possible from now on either because nothing happens spontaneously.

Those who do not accept a creator present the nonsensical idea that beings occur on their own and their wrong ideas as science so as not to attribute creation to Allah.

If Allah wishes, He creates a single cell or a multicellular being from sea water, soil or air.

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