Question 64: Is it true that DNAs make at least three division errors in each cell division?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Answer: That some people claim that DNA enzymes make 3 errors in each cloning shows that they do not know the cell function and DNA structure.

There are about one hundred trillion cells in man. Three thousand different reactions happen in one cell in a second. In other words, 3000 X one hundred trillion = 300 quadrillion events occur in one second in a person’s body:

There are 46 chromosomes in every cell in man. A chromosome consists of two chromatids, i.e. two DNAs. Therefore, there are 92 DNAs in a cell. If there are three errors in one DNA, there will be 92 x 3 = 276 errors in 92 DNAs. Since there are about one hundred trillion cells in man, the number of the cloning errors in DNA in a person will be 100 trillion X 276 = 2.76 quadrillion errors.

if an enzyme made three errors, as that ignorant person claims, he would have neither a mouth to ask the question nor a head. Maybe he would be a freak with his eyes on his back, his feet on his stomach and his teeth on his arm.

One should be thankful for this bounty of healthy body to his Creator, who never makes any errors in DNA enzymes; he should not be ungrateful. He should be afraid of overstepping the limits, making fun of those bounties and under underestimate them. Is that person sure that he will not have a retarded or disabled child or grandchild if the enzymes turn out to be as he said? 

  Thousands of cells are changing and being renewed any moment in man. He is not even aware of these changes.

Everything is calculated in detail by the being who has infinite knowledge, will and power, who loves us very much and meets all our needs all the time, thinks more than us, and does not make any mistakes and errors.

A clever person is a person who tries to see, understand the acts and activities of Allah in the world and be an addressee of Him by thanking Him.

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