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On the 27 of June it was time to pray Isha and I told my dad that I was going to pray, because I can't miss Isha. And he told me to sleep and I didn't know what to choose. Parents or the orders of Allah then I had to go to sleep beacuse my mom ordered me to go to my bed. Is that ok ? I'm just a child.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Parents are not obeyed about the issues that are contrary to the orders of Allah. A child is not obliged to perform prayers before he reaches puberty. Puberty starts when a boy has a wet dream (ejaculation) or when he becomes 15.

Our Prophet ordered parents to make their young children familiar with prayers when they become 7 years old. They were advised to give more importance to it and beat them slightly if necessary when they become 10 years old. 

When we take into consideration that hadith and the recommendations of scholars based on the hadith, we can say that it is not right for parents to prevent their children from praying. Naturally, it is also necessary to take into consideration the body structure and health of the child.

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