How our Prophet (Pbuh) slept at night and What should we do when we go to bed at night?

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How our Prophet (Pbuh) slept at night and what should we do when we go to bed at night?
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“The Prophet recited the following prayer when he went to bed in order to sleep: ‘Allahumma bi’smika amutu ve ahya’ (O my Lord, I sleep and wake up with your name); and when he woke up, he prayed as follows: ‘Alhamdulillah alladhi ahyana ba’da amatana ve ilayh an- nushur’ (All praise be to Allah who wakens us after we have slept and to whom we will return.) (Shamal Shareef/281)

Getting up for the tahajjud prayer (voluntary salat (prayer) that is done any time at night between Salat al-Isha and Salat al-Fajr) after sleeping for some time is sunnah (act and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)). It is a practice of the virtuous persons. That salat will be in the form of light in the grave. When someone wakes up, he should not put his hands inside a bowl or plate before washing his hands three times. (Ramuz, V. 1/30-2)

He lay down on his right side while lying down. One should not lie facedown while lying down. The Prophet (pbuh) has forbidden that kind of lying. The Prophet woke a person up who was lying down like that and told him “That way of lying is a kind of lying which Allah does not like.” (Abu Dawud, Adab: 95)

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