Did the Prophet tell his Companions not to chat after the night prayer and to go to sleep?

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- Did the Prophet tell his Companions to go to sleep after the night prayer so that they could get up for the morning prayer?

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The Prophet (pbuh) did not like sitting down and chatting unnecessarily after the night prayer (isha) and warned his Companions about it.

Hanafis regard delaying the night prayer up to the one third of the night mustahab, up to half of the night mubah and performing it after the half of the night makruh. Some Hanafi scholars regard it makruh tahrimi while others regard it makruh tanzihi. However, it is necessary to say that it is mustahab in winter. In summer, nights are short; therefore, it is mustahab to perform it early.

“The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) would delay the night prayer to the time called atama (when one-third of the night ends); he regarded sleeping before the night prayer and chatting after the night prayer makruh.” (Bukhari, Mawaqit 13-20; Muslim, Masajid 218-225; Nasai, Mawaqit 20)

Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud (radiyallahu anh) narrates:

“The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) condemned us when we chatted after the night prayer; that is, he prohibited us from doing so.” (Ibn Majah, Salah 12)

As it is seen, the Prophet (pbuh) did not like sleeping late after the night prayer, due to unnecessary and useless talks because a person might miss the morning prayer (fajr) and it will be difficult for him to get up for tahajjud prayer if he does so.

A person begins a day by worshipping (morning prayer); similarly, likewise, he should finish the day like that.

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