Is the multiverse theory empirical?

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- Is the theory of parallel universes empirical; and if it is empirical, can it be true?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

In the debate in question, there are believers on one side and unbelievers on the other side. It is a fact based on experience that unbelievers try to support irreligion by reversing scientific facts as much as possible. However, having been defeated by the scientific explanations of the opponent, the other party had to quit the debate.

It is already an accepted rule that “those who are defeated scientifically and intellectually immediately resort to brute force.” However, in that debate, when the unbeliever saw that his opponent was superior in terms of physical strength - as well as in the science of physics - he could not apply the rule of “brute force”; he invented a new rule and ran away!

- Those who wrote the article in question made their choice in favor of irreligion and insulted the Muslim scientist. It is such nonsense that although they wrote the title of the irreligious person as “Prof”, they turned out to be so hateful that they did not use the “Prof” title of the religious person. It is shameful even to evaluate such an article.

However, the following points in the article in question are noteworthy:

a) “First of all, we should state that we will deal with these issues in detail afterwards. However, this point is important here: The concept of ‘Parallel Universes’ was introduced not as an interpretation of the equations of physics, but as a prediction of the equations themselves.”

So, there is not even a physically accepted theory about the idea of “Parallel Universe” because there is not even an “interpretation of the equations of physics”.

Moreover, the theory in question must first have a hypothesis value for the existence of a “prediction of the equations of physics”.

Here, the dream of a “Parallel Universe” has no scientific basis. And it has never entered any field of experience, and it is impossible for it to do so.

b) “In the phenomenon of parallel universes, the state of consciousness of each observer is divided into two. It is accepted that each observer will exist twice and will have different experiences in each existence. In reality, not only the observer but also the entire Universe in which he lives is divided into at least two parts every time he measures the world.”

The statement “It is accepted that each observer will exist twice, and will have different experiences in each existence” is sheer nonsense.

Let them scientifically demonstrate, if they can, which of those observers has existed twice.

That statement also voices a kind of reincarnation delusion.

c) If there is a correct evaluation of the concept of “Parallel Universe”, it manifests itself in the equation of “world-afterlife”.

Parallel to the mortal universe is the eternal afterlife.

It means that some physicists have sensed this reality, but have made wrong interpretations.

There is a beautiful saying about those who confuse something: “A man has heard that people have migrated to a plateau, but he does not know in which plateau they have settled.”

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