When will real enlightenment begin for man?

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4.3.9-Enlightenment will start when meaning will also be taken into consideration

The source of positive sciences is observation. In the 5th century B.C., it had been stated that everything was made up of air, earth, water, and fire by Empedocles as a result of simple observations; and this theory dominated science for many centuries. However, since 17th century, re-questioning of the universe and the discovery of the elements have caused a serious leap in scientific advancement, and many new branches of sciences have emerged. Today, we know very well that everything is made up of 100 or so elements, and every matter can be expressed as a combination of those elements. This initiative has also resulted in the discovery of many chemical compounds and development of modern chemistry.

The idée fixe of the modern scientific community is the deeply rooted preconceived notion that the source of everything is matter (or its equivalent energy). And this causes barriers and deadlocks in sciences on the path of progress. The scientific community should recognize and openly declare that there are no such things as force, willpower, life, consciousness, sight, love, beauty, etc. in the basic building blocks of matter, regardless of whether they are particles or waves, and that something cannot exist in the whole if it is not present in its parts. If there are (yes, there are), it means they come from somewhere else. It is about time that the approach that the universe is single-layered and is made of matter or energy was abandoned, and a multi-layered view of the universe – that all beings consisting of numerous independent immaterial layers of force, willpower, life, consciousness, sight, love, beauty, etc. as well as matter or energy, was seriously considered. This view is fully consistent with observations, which is the primary source of sciences. The philosophical discussions on the sources of these layers are no different than the discussions on the source of matter and energy before Big Bang. In the old Greek philosophy, the sources of these layers were attributed to Gods like Venus, Eros, and Themes.

For positive scientists, the approach is like “ask no questions and hear no lies.” According to Nursi, the sources of all non-matter features are the Divine Names of Allah. Therefore, for the followers of heavenly religions, to understand beings is to understand the Divine Names and thus to understand Allah.

Newton’s questioning of the fall of an apple opened a new age in physics. The impact of the answers to the questions raised here will probably not be any less. It is hoped that articulate researchers that manage to strip themselves off prejudices and preconceived ideas brought about for hundreds of years will observe and show that the universe is not just one or two-dimensional, but multi-dimensional. And only one of those dimensions is associated with matter into which we are confined.

The reality of diamond can be understood only when it is noticed that the origin of its glitter is a light source outside and not the carbon atoms themselves or the bonds connecting them. The reality of television can be understood only when it is noticed that the origin of various channels of video and audio is the dozens of broadcasts surrounding the TV set, and not the TV set itself; that is, when it is realized that the television is only the receiver of the broadcasts, not the source of them. Likewise, the reality of beings, especially the human beings, shall be understood only when it is realized that tens of immaterial glitters such as life, consciousness, art, and beauty in matter come from immaterial layers or parallel universes, not from the particles of matter. Only then will true enlightenment start for humanity.

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