How do laws of physics confirm and necessitate the existence of a realm outside the realm of physics?

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3.1.3-Laws of Nature as a different dimension of existence

Laws and rules are the foundations of order and peace all over the world; and that is the case in the universe too. For example, if the law of gravity only were to be canceled, everything would start to fly in the air and a complete chaos would break out. In the atomic nuclei, if the strong force holding the quarks and the protons together were to disappear, all atoms would break into pieces and the universe would be transformed into a cloud of particles. The laws in a country reflect the general will of the people who live in that country; similarly, the laws in the universe reflect the universal will that dominates the whole universe. Security forces make individuals obey the laws in countries. Universal forces and effects do it in the universe - like the force of gravity making everything in the world obey the law of gravity.

When the veil of accustomedness is raised, it will be seen that all beings are works of miracles like a chick that comes out of an egg that hatches after 21 days.

Full obedience of every particle of matter to all laws of physics and the laws’ being seen and known only by their manifestations in matter formed the prejudice that the source of laws as well as power was matter. However, there is no element called law in the particles, which are the basic building blocks of matter, or waves; similarly, there is no element called law in the bodies of the people who obey laws. It can even be said that even if all the mass in the universe disappeared and the law of gravity did not exist, and there was no heat conduction - the whole universe being at the same temperature – the law of heat conduction would be valid. Similarly, even if a country did not collect any income tax in a given year, the tax law would still be valid in the whole country since it had income or people producing income.Therefore, laws become manifest in matter, penetrate into matter, and control matter fully, but they are not matter. Thus, the laws are outside the physical world just like the attribute of ‘will’, which comes from outside and dominates matter. In other words, the laws of physics themselves do not cancel but confirm or even necessitate the existence of a realm outside the realm of physics.

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