Can I read islamic books with out wudu

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Can i read Islamic books written in Arabic, eg books on prayers, sura yaseen with out wudu. I recently ordered some books and i was not sure weather I should do wudu before i can read them. These books have suras in them in Arabic and english. Please advise very soon. My father has just passed away and one of his wishes was for his children to read sura yaseen on the four edges of his grave. we would like to practice at home on using the books instead of the Quaran. Many thanks in advance.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is not permissible to touch the verses of the Qur’an without ablution (wudu) however; you can touch the parts of the book where there are prayers. A person without ablution can read the Qur’an from his/her memory. Or He/she can read the verses of the Qur’an without touching them by only looking.    

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