Can a woman take ablution (wudu) and perform prayer (salat) with make-up?

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Can a woman pray while there is make up on her face? and can she pray with facial cream or powder on her face with out others make up? can a woman pray while she is wearing trousers and has a long dress around knee one her or jilbab? (including during the trip to somewhere that it not suitable for her to wear skirt too)
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Can a woman take ablution (wudu) and perform prayer (salat) with make-up?

A woman should pay attention two important points in regards with that matter.

One of them, there should not be a dirty and harmful matter in the cosmetics. When taking ablution it must not prevent the water to go under. If there is a dirty matter, with that situation the prayer can not be performed it is not acceptable. Immediately it needs to be cleaned.

The second point is, if a woman puts on make up, she should not show it anyone except her husband and mahram such as her son, father and brother etc. If someone who is not her mahram sees her make up and she with make up goes out, it is sin and she becomes responsible for that.

And as for nail varnish, it is related with ablution before prayer. It is known that in order the ablution to be acceptable, the water needs to be touched to the outside of the ablution parts. If the matter put on the ablution parts prevents the water to touch the skin, that ablution is not acceptable. Nail varnish, when put on the nail, it prevents water to touch to the nail. For example, it is clearly explained in the fiqh books that candle prevents water to touch the skin.

As like without cleaning the candle on the skin one’s ablution is not acceptable, so too, without cleaning the nail varnish, the ablution is not acceptable. (Mehmet Paksu, Juridical Decisions for Family)

Is the prayer performed with pants acceptable?

Even if the prayer (salat) performed with narrow pants and shirt which shows the parts of the body clearly is valid, it is not regarded as right. There is no drawback with the condition when putting on a skirt or topcoat.


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