Are Muslim girls allowed to wear lose fitting jeans?

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Are Muslim girls allowed to wear lose fitting jeans?
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It is permissible if a woman wears a wide enough trousers hiding the shape of her body and covers her hips hanging down her upper clothing.
One day a woman falls down from her donkey on the path near to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He immediately turns his head to another direction. Then his companions tell him that no private part of the woman was seen because she wore pants under her skirt. Upon this Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prays for women wearing pants under their skirts and preventing their legs from being seen even if they fall down.
As Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) praised, wide/loose/baggy trousers can provide the needed covering when getting on a bus, going upstairs etc.
(Ahmed Şahin)
Islam does not order a certain way of dressing and apparel. It does not force its followers to take a certain way of dressing. Additionally, something that Islam orders must not be forgotten. The main criterion on clothing of a woman is understood as:
1- Covering the private parts. (The private parts of a woman is the whole body except hands and face)
2- Not wearing transparent, short and tight clothes. (That is to say, the body and underclothes must not be seen.)

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