Is it wrong of me if I dont wear jilbab when I go out?

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Is it wrong of me if I dont wear jilbab when I go out? I do not wear tight clothes but I do wear trousers
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The fatwa (a legal verdict given on a religious basis) on dressing for a woman is that a woman suppose to cover all over body apart from hands and face. A dress in order to be suitable for hijab (covering), a woman both must cover her private parts and wear a thick dress in order not to be transparent. If she wears a jeelbab (woman’s outdoor overgarment) on that dress willingly this is called taqwa (fear of Allah, piety). This kind of dressing is praiseworthy.

Fatwa is an obligatory act of religion. As for taqwa, it is a willingly and voluntarily act. There must not be any forcement on this kind of dressing for taqwa. Those who are interested in wearing jeelbab, voluntarily may prefer it. There must not be any insistence on those who do not want to wear jeelbab.

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