The Twenty-Ninth Word: About man’s spirit, the angels, and the resurrection after death.

The Twenty-Ninth Word

This, the Twenty-Ninth Word, is about the Immortality
of Man’s Spirit, the Angels, and the Resurrection.

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
Therein came down the angels and the Spirit by the permission of their Sustainer.
1* Say: The Spirit [comes] by command of my Sustainer.2

[This treatise consists of an Introduction and two main Aims]


1. Qur’an, 97:4.
2. Qur’an, 17:85.

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Introduction: An overview about the duties of servitude of angels and spiritual beings and their kinds.

First Aim: about angels.

Second Aim: about the resurrection of the dead and the end of the world.

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