The Thirtieth Word: The nature of “I” (ego). The duties of atoms and molecules which are described as transformation of minute particles in forming various matters.

The Thirtieth Word

[This Word explains the talisman of creation by solving an important talisman of the All-Wise Qur’an. It is an explanation of Ene1 and Zerre2 to the extent of an Alif3 and a Point4 It consists of two Aims. The first of these concerns the nature and result of the human ‘I’, and the second, the motion and duties of minute particles.]


1. The Turkish for ‘I’ or ‘ego’. To avoid confusion with other interpretations, ‘ene’ has been translated throughout as the ‘I’, and ‘enaniyet’ as ‘I-ness’. [Tr.]
2. The Turkish for a mote, atom, or particle. [Tr.]
3. The first letter of the Arabic alphabet consisting of a vertical stroke, (I). [Tr.]
4. The equivalent of the dot in English, also indicating a small quantity. [Tr.]

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First Aim: The nature of “I” (ego).  

Second Aim: The duties of atoms and molecules in forming various matters.

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