What does the magnificent organization of the molecules show? What kind of a connection can be established between the periodic table and the creation of living beings?

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All living and non-living beings are made of atoms. That is, the building blocks of living beings are atoms. Atoms are equipped with a structure to form molecules. The atoms are combined in different ways to form molecules according to the needs of living beings.

            The life of living beings depends on the regular operation of the molecules. Since atoms are lifeless, mindless and unconscious, they can definitely not know about the need of a living being and cannot get together and organize to meet this need.

In addition, molecules act very consciously. There are billions of molecules compared to the body weight of the living being. Those molecules fulfil their duties without failing, getting tired and being confused. The living being itself has no contribution toward producing those molecules and assigning them to do things. It is even unaware of it. However, if only one of those molecules did not function, the life of that living being would end.

            4.2.1-Hemoglobin Molecule has a Magnificent Organization

The owner and the creator of the atmosphere, oxygen, iron, hemoglobin, cell and the living being that consists of cells is the same.

            In that case, the being that created the living beings must have definitely created the molecules too. For example, oxygen carries hemoglobin molecules to cells in humans. Hemoglobin is a large molecule composed of various atoms. It has 4 large molecules in the form of a chain. These chains come together by folding and assuming a certain shape. There is another molecule called HEM group in the middle of each chain. In the middle of the HEM group is an iron atom. Oxygen is connected to this iron atom in hemoglobin and it is taken to all of the cells in our body1

Since hemoglobin is lifeless, mindless and unconscious, it certainly does not know what oxygen is and how much oxygen the cells need. In addition, it is not possible for hemoglobin to establish such a mechanism on its own and to assume such a structure. So, the one that produces hemoglobin must be a very good chemist to know how to carry oxygen by binding it with iron. In addition, He must know that people need oxygen and hence create oxygen in the atmosphere. He must also know how and why to use oxygen in the cell.

In that case, the owner and the creator of the atmosphere, oxygen, iron, hemoglobin, cell and the living being that consists of cells is the same.

The mechanisms by which atoms come together and how they form molecules are known. However, knowing this does not mean that they are ownerless and that they arrange themselves like that on their own. Besides, the system of the structure of atoms is a miracle in itself. The atom is too small to see even with the largest microscope. However, there are protons, neutrons and electrons that are even smaller in that tiny particle. The number and arrangement of these particles in atoms enable them to come together and to make numerous different molecules. In that case, whoever created the periodic table must have definitely created all living beings too.

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