Third Point: The witnessing of the talents and emotions of man about the eternal happiness.

• THIRD POINT: Through the testimony of reason, wisdom, deduction, and experience, the absence of futility and absence of waste in the creation of beings, which is constant, indicate eternal happiness. The sign of there being no waste and nothing vain in creation is the All-Glorious Maker’s choosing and preferring the shortest way, the closest point, the lightest form, and the best manner in the creation of everything, and His sometimes imposing a hundred duties on one thing, and His attaching a thousand fruits and aims to a slight being. Since there is no waste and nothing in vain, there will surely be eternal happiness. For non-existence and no return would make every-thing futile; everything would be a waste. The absence of waste in all creation, and in man for instance, which is established by science, demonstrates that man’s limitless disposition, and infinite hopes, ideas, and desires will not be wasted either. In which case, man’s deep-rooted desire to be perfected points to the existence of a perfection, and his desire for happiness proclaims that he is definitely destined for eternal happiness. If it was not so, contrary to all other beings, which are made wisely and with purpose, those authentic immaterial faculties, those elevated hopes, would be waste and futile; they would wither up and be for nothing. Since this truth is proved in the Eleventh Truth of the Tenth Word, we cut the discussion short here.

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Fourth Point: The witnessing of deaths and resurrections in the universe for doomsday and the Great Resurrection.

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