Sixth Point: The witnessing of signs of mercy which are visible in beings for the eternal happiness.

• SIXTH POINT: The mercy of the All-Beauteous Maker of these beings, Who is the All-Merciful, All-Compassionate One, points to eternal happiness. Yes, it is of the nature of that mercy, which makes bounty bounty and saves it from revenge, not to withhold from man eternal happiness, which delivers beings from the anguish of eternal separation. For if eternal happiness, the head, chief, aim, and result of all bounties, is not given, and if after dying, the world is not resurrected in the form of the hereafter, all bounties would be transformed into desire for revenge. And such a transformation would necessitate denying the existence of Divine mercy, which is self-evident and necessary, and, through the testimony of all the universe, unquestionable and manifest. It is a constant truth more brilliant than the sun. Look and take note of the bounties of love, compassion, and reason, some of the manifestations and subtle traces of mercy. Suppose that eternal separation and unending parting are going to drag out human life; you will see that tender love becomes a great calamity; sweet compassion, a great misfortune; that luminous reason, a great tribulation. That is to say, mercy (because it is mercy) cannot confront true love with eternal separation. Since the Second Truth of the Tenth Word has demonstrated this fact most beautifully, we cut this short here.

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Seventh Point: The witnessing of signs of favour and mercy which are visible in the universe for the eternal happiness.

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