Fifth Point: The witnessing of man’s wish of eternal happiness in its creation for the eternal happiness.

• FIFTH POINT: Those who have looked closely into the realities of creation consider that the unlimited potentialities included in the essence of man’s spirit, and the unlimited abilities contained in those potentialities, and the endless desires arising from those abilities, and the infinite hopes resulting from those endless desires, and the limitless thoughts and ideas born of those infinite hopes are hands stretched out towards eternal happiness, which is beyond this Manifest World, are eyes gazing at it, that they are turned towards it. Thus, man’s nature, which cannot lie, and the definite, intense, unwavering desire for eternal happiness in his nature inspire the conscience with certainty concerning the realization of eternal happiness. This fact is demonstrated as clearly as daylight in the Eleventh Truth of the Tenth Word, and so we cut this short here.

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Sixth Point: The witnessing of signs of mercy which are visible in beings for the eternal happiness.

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