Fourth Point: The witnessing of deaths and resurrections in the universe for doomsday and the Great Resurrection.

• FOURTH POINT: In each of many different things, in night and day, and winter and spring, in the skies, and even in man’s personalities and in the bodies which he changes throughout his lifetime, and in sleep, which resembles death, is a different sort of resurrection resembling the resurrection of the dead; they all tell of and allude to the reality of the Day of Resurrection. For example, the day, year, lifetime of man, and revolution of Allah’s great clock known as the earth resemble the dials of a weekly clock of ours that tell the seconds, minutes, hours and days; each the forerunner of the following, they give news of one another; they turn and function. Like they show morning after night, and spring after winter, they intimate that after death the morning of the resurrection will appear from that instrument, that vast clock.

There are many varieties of resurrection that a person experiences during his lifetime. Just as he sees the signs of the resurrection through a sort of dying every night and rebirth every morning, so it is agreed that he undergoes what resembles a resurrection every five or six years by changing all the particles in his body, and even undergoes a gradual resurrection twice a year. Also, every spring, he witnesses more than three hundred thousand sorts of resurrection and rising to life in the animal and plant kingdoms.

Thus, so many signs and indications and marks of resurrection most certainly point to the great resurrection of the dead as though they were droplets of it. An All-Wise Maker causing a sort of resurrection in that way in the animal and plant worlds, that is, raising to life exactly the same all plant roots and certain animals in the spring, and restoring other parts of them, such as leaves, flowers and fruits, not exactly the same but similar, may be an indication of a personal resurrection in the human individual within the general resurrection. For the human individual is like a species in comparison with the other animate species, and the light of the mind has given such a breadth to human actions and thought that they encompass the past and the future. If he consumes the world even, he is not satisfied. In the other species the nature of the individual is particular; its value is personal; its view, restricted; its qualities, limited; its pleasure and pain, instantaneous. Whereas man’s nature is exalted; his value, most high; his view, universal; his qualities, limitless; his immaterial pleasure and pain in part permanent. In which case, the various resurrections which are repeated in the other animate species self-evidently tell of and point to all human individuals being resurrected and restored to life exactly the same in the great resurrection of the dead. Since it is proved with the certainty of twice two equalling four in the Ninth Truth of the Tenth Word, we cut short the discussion here.

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Fifth Point: The witnessing of man’s wish of eternal happiness in its creation for the eternal happiness.

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