The Perfectness of the laws of Islam is a proof of Muhammad’s prophethood (PBUH)

Is it possible that an illiterate person can make laws by himself and can those laws, without any change, rule at least one fourth of the people within a total of fourteen centuries with justice and truthiness? Of course not.

Now we are looking at Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH); the laws come along with an illiterate person that has been ruling one fourth of the people for fourteen centuries with justice and truthiness. There is no a similar example of this. Even laws made by lawyers who have been studying in this area cannot continue their validity for a couple of years. We do not mention the injustice caused by human made laws, either. Now, how can we explain those laws through that person if we do not consider the revelations of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) or his prophethood?

Is it possible for an illiterate person to fabricate a religion and can this religion become a guide for millions of people in fourteen centuries, be their teacher, purifier of their hearts, tamer of their nafs and a means for their spiritual progress where there are millions of supporters in every age? Does it have a similar example? Of course not…

Now we are looking at Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) again; there cannot be a grater or a similar example of this illiterate person from whom Islam was born by his words, manners and actions  and who became the guide of millions of people, source of solution, and teacher of people’s spiritual development. If we do not accept the prophethood of this person (PBUH), then how can we explain the reform of Islam and Islam’s effect on souls, brains and emotions?

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