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We tried to deal with some issues under several headings in order to prove the truthiness of the cause of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). However, when the Prophet (pbuh) is in question, what is stated is definitely not sufficient because he is the reason why the realm of existence was created. He is the most perfect and best equipped man that was created. All of his attitudes and acts prove his truthiness. Each individual of his ummah is a loyal witness of his cause. It is naturally not possible to fully understand the Prophet (pbuh), who has so many witnesses and who receives his share from the worshipping of his hundreds of millions of followers every day as it is expressed by the rule, “a person who causes something to happen is regarded as if he has done it”, and to  make him known fully. However, like the ant that said on the way of hajj “if I cannot reach there, I will die in this way”, we want to add one more work to the collection of thousands of volumes of books written by scholars in this way and to become one of the witnesses even if we cannot accomplish it fully. We ask Allah, who is the most Merciful of the Merciful, to make us successful in our aim and pray as follows:

“Peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad millions of times, to the number of the good deeds of his community, to whom was revealed the All-Wise Criterion of Truth and Falsehood, from One Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, from the Sublime Throne; whose Prophethood was foretold by the Old Testament and the New Testament, and told of by wondrous signs, the voices of jinn, saints of man, and soothsayers; at whose indication the moon split; our master Muhammad! Peace and blessings be upon him millions of times, to the number of the breaths of his community; at whose beckoning came the tree, on whose prayer rain swiftly fell, and whom the cloud shaded from the heat; who satisfied a hundred men with his food; from between whose fingers three times flowed water like the Spring of Kawthar; and to whom Allah made speak the lizard, the gazelle, the wolf, the torso, the arm, the camel, the mountain, the rock, and the clod; the one who made the Ascension and whose eye did not waver; our master and intercessor, Muhammad! Peace and blessings be upon him thousands and thousands of times, to the number of the letters of the Qur'an formed in the words represented with the permission of the Most Merciful in the mirrors of the airwaves at the reciting of all the words of the Qur'an by all reciters from when it was first revealed to the end of time. And grant us forgiveness and have mercy on us, O God, for each of those blessings. Amen.”

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