Those Who Follow in the Prophet’s (pbuh) Footsteps Prove His Prophethood.

One can doubt whether a seed is a seed of an apple tree or an oleander tree if the seed remains as a seed. If the seed is put into the soil and if it starts to grow and have branches, fruits and flowers, there remains no doubt about it; it is no longer disputed what kind of seed it is. To claim that a seed that has turned to an apple tree and yields apples is an oleander seed, it is necessary to close one’s eyes and not to see the apple tree and the apples and not to hear their witnessing. Each fruit of the apple tree speaks in a language that is peculiar to them and says, “The seed of our tree is an apple seed.”; thus, they will deny the person who claims that it is an oleander seed.

Similarly, Hazrat Muhammad is also a seed. The tree of Islam came out of him. This tree has fourteen big branches, each of which represents a century. Each branch has millions of fruits and flowers.

Each companion, saint, revivalist, scholar is a fruit of this tree. Thousands of saints and scholars who follow in the steps of Muhammad (pbuh) with his principles and education reach the truth, perfection, extraordinary states and they witness unanimously the truthiness and the prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad. They see some of the news given by him through the light of sainthood and confirm the other news through the light of their belief; they approve the truthiness of him.

On the other hand, the fact that the civilizations founded by Islam are perfect and that they ruled continents with justice approve the truthiness of the Prophet (pbuh).

If one wants to deny the prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), he needs to deny the religion of Islam, which is produced from that seed, and the fruits of those seeds that we have mentioned above: the companions, saints, scholars and all of the other people of perfection need to be denied. They received their perfection from Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).

If anyone intends to act against Hazrat Muhammad, who is their seed, they will speak with a language peculiar to them and say,

“O presumptuous person! How can you attack our seed? Look at us; if our seed were rotten – God forbid –, would we be able to be alive like this? If you want to deny our seed, which is the apparent cause of our life, you need to silence us and overshadow our perfection first. O presumptuous person! Neither you nor any other person can do it. How can you deny thousands of fruits while you cannot deny Abdulqadir Ghaylani, who is only one of those fruits? If you close your eyes, it will be dark only for you. Open your eyes and see what a great and straight tree came out of the seed that you are trying to deny and come to your senses!..”

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