His Didactic Aspect and the Truths He Taught to Humanity Prove His Prophethood.

One of the most emphasized attributes of the Prophet (pbuh) is his “illiteracy”. The reason why his illiteracy is emphasized so much is the fact that what he achieved through his activities cannot be achieved by the most professional scientists, academicians and experts. This aspect is one of the greatest miracles of the Prophet. His activities in education are like that, too.

When we have a look at the Era of Madinah, where the Prophet (pbuh) established a civilized community, we see that he educated his Companions in tens of different branches. All of those branches can be found in the books related to Islamic history; we will mention some of them as examples:

“Fundamentals of belief, worshipping, issues related to worshipping, the interpretation and explanation of some verses, good manners related to social life and high ethics, health and cure, news related to the mischief-making and riots to occur in the future, prayers (supplications),jihad (fighting in the way of Allah), laws related to jihad, war tactics, issues related to business and trade, issues related to deals, contracts, loans and indemnification, issues related to companies, issues related to agricultural partnership, issues related to the management and division of shared goods and land, issues related to lost property, issues related to extortion and destruction, issues related to witnessing and evidence, issues related to  pawning, issues related to renting, issues related to  inheritance and heredity, issues related to  marriage and divorce, issues related to donations and grants, issues related to  murders and blood money, crime and punishment, issues related to  taxes, judgments related to lawsuits, issues related to  judging and courts...” [1] and many other judgments related to tens of branches...

Now we ask this question: Is it not a miracle for one single person to introduce perfect judgments in all of those branches and to educate people regarding those branches? Today, many scientists study in faculties for years for each of the issues we have listed above but they cannot introduce unerring and unchangeable judgments for those issues like that illiterate person (the Prophet) did. However, the judgments introduced by the Prophet (pbuh) have been valid for fourteen centuries. It is one of the most evident proofs that he is the Messenger of Allah...
[1] M.Asıl Köksal, İslam Tarihi, Medine Dönemi, Bir Peygamber Şehri Olarak Medine, Peygamberimizin Meşgul Olduğu ve Ashabını Yetiştirdiği Başlıca Konular

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