His illiteracy along with a perfect religion and declaration are a proof of Muhammad’s (PBUH) prophethood.

Let us imagine something: An illiterate person intends to develop a global program himself. This illiterate person develops his own project through years without informing anyone and at last, he declares it in his declining years. After his declaration, without any paradoxes or errors, he continues his cause till his death without returning back despite all difficulties and his plan becomes successful as planned beforehand, spreads all over the world. Is this possible?

And let us suppose that his cause is so powerful that it changes radically everything such as nations, tribes, habits, traditions, religions and anything that have deep roots. Such a reform and chance of success by such an illiterate person is impossible.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), without having any plan or project, declared the cause of Islam to all humanity. While doing this, He did not show any hesitation, fear or dilemma and conquered the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people in an area which is three million square kilometers. He transformed a murderous society that buried their offspring alive into a civilized one in a very short time; fifteen years after his death, his religion spread to three continents and reached millions of people.

Now we are asking; if his claim of prophethood had been a fabricated cause of and if he had started to declare it after years of preparation, would His friends, relatives and wife not have known this? And if he had not told the truth about his great and assertive case, then would the first believers have sacrificed all of their lives and property on this way? The troubles that first Muslims suffered are known by us clearly. 

Now let us think; if the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had not been a prophet (God forbid) and had fabricated the religion of Islam himself (God forbid), then for which reasons would he have made it?

  • To live comfortably? In fact, he had a life full of troubles, gave what he had (properties) to the people and he had pawned something due to his debt before he passed away. So, He cannot have claimed it in order to live well.

  • For Leadership? In fact, all of his life is a proof that he lived among people and proved with his life that actual lordship and leadership is working as manservant. He fought in the first ranks, mended His clothes and worked with his friend when it was time to work. So, the so called claim of leadership is not true. If he had had such a claim, would he have rejected the offers of property and leadership of Meccan polytheists and chosen poverty?

  • Could he not have made a claim like that in order to save people from their horrible condition? God forbid; this claim is not valid. For a pious man who wants to save people in the name of religion cannot tell a lie for the sake of God. If he had told tell a lie, he would not have been a truly pious person and his lie would have sooner or later been heard. His religion is unique. His religion has all qualities of all religions and at the same time, it is original and different from them. It is a perfect religion beyond the capacity of an illiterate person. So, this claim is not valid, either.

So, all of these claims come from Satan and they are the delusions of our nafs (evil commanding soul) Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the last and supreme prophet of God. He is a leader for all humanity. As he had no claim before his prophethood, he was given prophethood at the age of forty and continued his cause till the end of his life by enduring all kinds of sufferings.

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