How Should We Consider the Incidents Occurring in the Universe?

A short answer can be given to question as follows: The universe is the property of Allah; incidents occurring in it are His Divine activities. Wherever we look from this point of view, our knowledge increases and we acquire the reward of contemplating.

The answer to the question is all the scholarly treatises written in the knowledge of this realm of living beings that are the manifestations of Divine attributes and names.

We will just give a short explanation here:

Man ponders; his mind focuses on a thought and eventually comes up with a result. The idea springs from the mind and he is the only one knowing it. He wants other people to benefit from his acquired spiritual fruit and so he writes it out. Therefore, the knowledge and the idea represent themselves via ink and paper. People, who are aware that neither both paper nor ink possesses knowledge, decree without hesitation and say this paper is the recipient of knowledge, knowledge can be read on it, each sentence of it gives out information. As a result of that evaluation, people look at him, appreciate, thank and congratulate him.

On the other hand, an impertinent group comes up. Once they read the book, they start to praise the paper. Do not say how it could be! Dont we face hundreds of examples of this occasion in the magazines or in the textbooks every day?
Do the ones who praise the farm by virtue of its products behave differently? Dont the anatomy books present a similar attitude to this example when they explain the subtle wisdoms of the human body in a dull style?
The book originates from knowledge; knowledge is the source, the book is the product.

Worshipping emerges from faith; faith is the source and worshipping is the product.

Charity springs from mercy; mercy is the source, charity is the product.
That vast realm of space originates from power (qudrah); power is the source, realms are the products.

Cells, nuclei, genes, atoms give report from wisdom; wisdom is the source, others are the products.

We can increase the examples and summarize it in a sentence:
Beings are the products, Divine attributes and names are the source s.
All of the scientists are honored by writing out what they have understood from the knowledge and wisdom of which the existing realm is a product; and they win science awards. However, some of them talk about understanding this realm without any inquiry about the source of manifested knowledge on the bloodless and unconscious beings and they are applauded.

However, if they think that they are trying to understand a wisely designed creature like them, and if they think where the meaning and the knowledge on themselves and on that creature come from, they will find the truth and reach the reality.

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