Chapter 19: The Proof of the Meaning of Creation

Chapter 19 - The Proof of the Meaning of Creation

If we had an inkstand with ink and spilt the ink onto an empty piece of paper,no meaningful page would appear. In that case, we can say, “The meaning on this page disaffirms and chases off the ink’s claims of being the scribe because this would show the meaning on the page and the ink possessing freewill, strength, and knowledge. The ink does not have these qualities; therefore, it cannot be this page’s scribe.” If the entire world were to gather, they would still be unable to convince us that the word and sentences on this page, both of which signify meaning, appeared by coincidence. Is the universe not a kind of meaningful book, too? How can one believe that this meaningful book came into existence through will-less and powerless reasons that are without knowledge through the ink’s influence?

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