Al-Khaliq (The Creator)

Khaliq means the one that creates out of nothing. The name Khaliq is one of the names that becomes manifest the most in the realm.

For, the name ‘Khaliq’ becomes manifest in every being that comes out from the darkness of non-existence to the realm of existence. 

When we look at this realm, we see that things and especially living things come into being suddenly and at a very short time. For instance, 4 humans are created in a second and about 350.000 humans are created in a day. Each of them is equipped with tens of organs like eyes, ear and tongue.

In the same second that a human is created, unlimited number of individuals from microbes, bacteria, ants, flies and insects to birds, fish and other living things are created. 

In fact, things that are created suddenly and out of simple material need to be simple and artless; however, we see that every creature is created with beautiful art, adornments and in a perfect way. This creation shows us the perfection of Allah’s name Khaliq.

Can a letter come into being without a writer?

Or let us ask this question: Suppose that we put a pen and paper in a room; Is it possible for a meaningful writing or even a letter to appear on the paper if 100 years pass? Definitely not. For, a writer who has a will and who will prefer the existence of the letter to its non-existence is necessary if we want a letter to be written. However, the pen and paper do not have that will. Besides, the writer to write that letter needs to be alive because a lifeless being cannot write a letter. However, the pen and paper have no life; they are lifeless. In addition, the writer needs to have other attributes like power and knowledge but the pen and paper lack those attributes. 

Then, if we want to deny the writer of a meaningful writing or even a letter on a piece of paper that we see, we need to accept one of the following two options: 

1- To deny the existence of the writing and to assume that it does not exist. When you deny the writing, you can deny the writer and say, "There is no writing; so, a writer is not necessary."  

2- You canattribute the ability to write to the pen and claim that the pen is the writer and that the pen wrote it on its own.

There is not another option in order to be able to deny the writer. A person who cannot prefer one of these two options has to accept the existence of the writer; to prefer one of these two options can only be possible when a person loses his mind.

Similarly, the universe is a perfect book. The world is a small part of it; the spring is one page of it; a flower, for instance, a daisy is a line of that page, every daisy is a word; and the seed of that flower is a point in that book. 

If you want to deny Allah, who is the writer and Khaliq (Creator) of this book, you have to accept one of the following options:

1- To deny the existence of the universe and to ignore the realm; for, when you deny the universe, you can deny the creator and say, “there is no work; so, a master is not necessary." However, when you do it, everything, from the leaves of the trees to the candles of the skies, will refute what you say by saying, "We are here; we exist."

2- As you attributedthe ability to write to the pen, you can claim that atom, which forms the matter, have attributes like will, life, knowledge and power and accept that it created things. It is impossible just like the first option.

If we take a pot full of ink and pour it on an empty sheet of paper, a meaningful page will never occur. Then, the meaning on the page makes it impossible for the ink to be a writer and doer because the meaning on the page shows that its writer and doer has will, power and knowledge. The ink does not have those attributes. Then, it cannot be the writer of that page. Even if the whole world comes together, they cannot convince us that the meaningful words and sentences that exist on that page occurred by chance.

Is the universe not a meaningful book that was written by the ink of atom? How can we believe that this meaningful book came into being out of will-less, powerless, lifeless and ignorant causes like ink? Can we call the people who believe in it sane people? 

Now, let us listen to the manifestation of the name Khaliq in man from the Quran, the word of its creator. 

“Man We did create from a quintessence (of clay); Then We placed him as (a drop of) sperm in a place of rest firmly fixed; Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a (foetus) lump; then We made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then We developed out of it another creature: so blessed be Allah, the Best to create.” (al-Mu’minun 12-14)

Now, let us go on a short trip in the pages of this book of the universe, see some of the letters of this book and remember Allah, who is the writer of this book, with his name Khaliq.  

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