How Many Kinds of Wudu are There?

There are three kinds of wudu:

1 – Wudus that are fard,

2 – Wudus that are wajib,

3 – Wudus that are mandub (recommended). 

Wudus that are fard:

It is fard for a person who is not on wudu to make wudu in order to perform a prayer. It does not matter whether the prayer to be performed is nafilah (supererogatory) or janazah (dead person) prayer.

It is also necessary to be on wudu for the prostration of recital (sajdah tilawah) and in order to touch the Quran. 

Wudus that are wajib:

It is wajib to make wudu in order to circumambulate the Kaaba. If the Kaaba is circumambulated without wudu, it is valid. However, it becomes obligatory to sacrifice an animal or give sadaqah based on the type of the circumambulation.

It is also wajib to touch tafsir books as a necessity of showing respect to the Quran. 

Wudus that are mandub:

It si mandub to make wudu apart from the states mentioned above. Some of them are as follows:

* It is mandub to make wudu in order to touch the religious books like fiqh, hadith and aqaid. To make wudu in order to read those books is for showing respect to religious books.

The scholars of Salaf paid great attention to it. 

* To make wudu before going to bed...

* To make wudu after waking up...

* To make wudu in order to be on wudu at all times.

* To make wudu although one is on wudu.

* To make wudu after sins like unintentional backbiting, telling lies, bearing tales and cursing.

* To make wudu after laughing loudly.

* To make wudu in order to eliminate one’s fury.

The Prophet stated the following regarding the issue:

“Fury is of the devil. The devil was created out of fire. Only water can extinguish fire. Then, if one of you gets furious, he should make wudu at once.”

* To make wudu in order to read the Quran by heart.

* To make wudu  in order to read and narrate hadiths.

* To make wudu in order to learn or teach one of the religious sciences.

* To make wudu in order to make wuquf on Arafat and sa’y between Safa and Marwa.

* To make wudu in order to get rid of controversial issues among the madhhabs regarding wudu.

* To make wudu in order to wash the janazah (dead body) and to follow it.

* * *

Imam Hulwani says, “We reached this rank and position in science due to the respect we have shown to science. I have not touched even a piece of paper without wudu.”

Imam Sarakhsi says, “One night, I had diarrhea. I made wudu seventeen times that night in order to continue my studies.”

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