What Happens if Wudu is Made Without Making Istinja?

Istibra is made after urinating in order to stop the leakage of urine that harms the soundness of wudu. The wudu of a person who makes wudu after urinating without making istibra can be invalidated without being aware of it; and the prayer performed with that wudu becomes invalidated. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful about istibra.

In a hadith, the following is stated:

“Avoid the urine because most of the grave torture is due to urine.” (Bukhari, "Wudu", 55; Ibn Majah, "Taharah", 26); Muslims are asked to be very careful about cleaning (istibra) after urinating.

Istibra is not necessary for women. It is necessary to wait for a while after urinating before wudu for them.

Istinja and istibra are useful in terms of health, too.

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