What are the Necessary Conditions for Wudu to Become Valid?

The following three conditions are necessary for wudu to be valid:

1. The clean water has to spread over the skin and none of the places that are fard to be washed in wudu has to be left dry. The Prophet said the following for the people who left their heels dry while making wudu, “Woe is to those heels in Hell...”.

2. When the states that invalidate wudu end; that is, when the period of menstruation and puerperium end for women. The leakage of urine and blood from a person are among the states that prevent wudu. A person cannot make wudu before the leakage of urine and blood stop. If that state is an excuse for a person, it has a different judgment. One must not make wudu immediately after urination before the leakage of urine stops completely. Even the smallest leakage after wudu will invalidate wudu.

3. Things like wax, tallow, dough, glue that prevent water from reaching the skin must be removed by rubbing or scraping.


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