Cleaning after Urinating or having a Bowel Movement (Istinja and Istibra)

• What is Istinja?

Lexically, istinja means desiring to be cleaned from dirt. As a religious term, it means to clean the private parts after having a bowel movement or urinating. This cleaning is sunnah al-muakkada. 

The following narration from Ibn Abbas and Abu Hurayra is remarkable in that it shows the importance and value of cleanliness in the presence of Allah:

“When the verse, “In it are men who love to be purified” (at-Tawbah, 108) was sent about the people of Quba, the Messenger of Allah asked them:

– Why does Allah praise you?

They answered:

– When we finish having a bowel movement or urinating, we clean ourselves with water; we make istinja.”


What is Istibra?

To wait for the leakage of urine to stop completely after urinating for men is called istibra. It is wajib to do it.

The leakage of urine happens in every person. However, it stops more quickly in some people; in others, it goes on a bit longer. Everybody must try to stop that leakage before they make wudu by taking his own situation into consideration.

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