The Positive Effects of Cleaning After Toilet on Human Health

According to the statements of doctors, not making istibra can harm people due to the smearing of urine; it may cause malodor and infection.

Thanks to the cleaning with water (istinja), we ensure the elimination of dirt in the private parts. There are millions of microbes in the excrement; if we do not clean the anus with water, those microbes cause infection and many disorders, and especially septicemia in people with hemorrhoids as a result of the infection. Cleaning with water helps to get rid of the worms like oxyuris that cause itching in the anus, to contract the large intestine that has expanded while defecating, the blood that has rushed to the large intestine due to strain to withdraw, the veins of the sexual organs to strengthen and to regulate the blood circulation. After being cleaned with water, it is necessary to be dried with a clean piece of cloth.

After being cleaned with water, it is necessary to wash the hands with soap thoroughly so that there will be no microbes left on the fingers and under the nails.    (Nu'man Kurtulmuş, Âmentü Şerhi.)

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