Useful Information about the State of Menstruation

* Young girls usually start to menstruate between the ages of 12 and 15. 

* The most important duty for a learned and sensible mother who has a daughter approaching the age of 12 is to enlighten her daughter regarding the issue.

* The first thing that comes to mind about menstruation is cleanliness because the health, peace and joy of a woman depend on the degree of material cleanliness on the days of menstruation, hence on the regularity of the beginning and the end of the periods of menstruation, the normal amount of bleeding and painless menstruation, that is, having a normal menstruation. 

* Every young girl should have a shower or a bath every other day when she is not in menstruation, and every day when she is in menstruation with slightly warm water. While having a bath or shower, she should wash and rub the pubic region, the chests and the armpits with soapy flannel.

* A woman should use slightly warm water, not hot or cold water, while cleaning herself on the days of menstruation. If she washes her pubic region with cold water, she might cause that region get cold and microbes to reproduce; cold water also causes the bleeding to stop before its usual time and suddenly in some women and girls with sensitive body structures. As for hot water, it increases the bleeding. 

* Menstrual cleanliness is not necessary only for women. Unmarried young girls should also do this cleaning similarly.

* Women and young girls should avoid tiring work on menstruation days. If they have pains, or if the bleeding is more or less than usual, they should see a doctor. 

They should avoid having cold showers, catching a cold and exposing their feet to cold, taking long walks, riding a horse or a bike, using a treadle sewing machine, lifting heavy objects and sleeplessness.

They should avoid eating food that emits stinky smell.

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