What are the Things that Need to be Avoided During the Cleaning after the Toilet?

* It is makruh to urinate against the wind and into the lakes or rivers. It is also regarded makruh to have a bowel movement or urinate under the fruit trees, in shady places where people sit to have a rest, crop fields, into the ant and insect nests and on the roads. To contaminate the roads where people walk, shady places where people sit to have a rest, picnic areas were severely prohibited by a hadith and it was stated that it would cause people to damn and curse due to the troubles that they suffered.

Another thing to avoid is leaving the toilet without cleaning it after having a bowel movement. It will also cause people trouble and hatred. It is included in the scope of the prohibition in the hadith.

* The left hand is used for the cleaning after urinating or having a bowel movement. 

* The water must not be splashed severely and one must try not to soil his clothes with urine.

* It is not appropriate to urinate in the same place where one has a bath or a shower. It may cause delusion. However, if the urine flows away and does not remain in the place where one has a bath, it is regarded permissible by some scholars. However, it is better to avoid it.

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