Ways of Cleaning Dirt

Various ways and methods are used to clean dirty things based on their nature. The main ways of cleaning are as follows: 

Cleaning Through Washing with Water:

* Material dirt can be cleaned with absolute (mutlaq) water like rain, stream and sea water; it can also be cleaned with some kinds of qualified (muqayyad) water like sap, rose water, vegetable and fruit juice. If there is no other water, used water can be used for making wudu and ghusl. 

Cleaning Through Boiling in Water:

* Chickens and similar animals that have been slaughtered in accordance with religious rules but that are put into boiling water in order to remove their feathers without removing their intestines become dirty if the dirt inside comes out and smears the flesh. Therefore, after slaughtering such an animal, the flowing blood on it and the inner parts should be removed and washed; and then it should be put into hot water. However, if the animal is put in water that is not hot enough for the dirt in it to penetrate into the flesh, it is not regarded as dirty. 

Cleaning Through Scraping or Rubbing:

* If the sperm that has smeared on the underwear or garment is dry, it can be cleaned by only rubbing without washing. The trace left on the garment after rubbing does not invalidate worshipping. If the sperm that has smeared the garment is wet, it will be regarded clean only after it is washed.

The sperm that has stuck on the body is not cleaned by rubbing; the body will be regarded clean only after it is washed.

* If some dirt falls onto frozen fat, the oil is regarded clean after the part on which the dirt fell is scraped and removed.  

Cleaning by Drying and the Disappearing of the Trace of the Dirt:

* When the ground and things that are fixed on the ground like trees, grass, etc are dirtied, they are regarded clean when the dirt on them dries. That drying can be through the sun, fire or wind. Praying can be performed on such a place but tayammum cannot be carried out by them because they are clean but they cannot be used to clean things.  

* Dirty water is regarded clean after sufficient water is poured onto it to remove the dirt or by laying enough clean soil on it to eliminate the smell of the dirt.  

Cleaning Through the Flowing of the water or Disappearing of the Water:

* A small puddle (for instance the basin of a bath) into which some dirt has fallen is regarded clean when clean water is poured into it and the dirty water overflows; in this case, the puddle is regarded like running water. 

* A polluted well becomes clean if its water disappears spontaneously or if the well is emptied by drawing its water with buckets, etc. 

Cleaning Through Changing State:

* A dirty matter becomes clean if its nature changes. For instance, if wine is transformed into vinegar through a chemical added into it, it becomes clean because its nature changes.

* Dirt olive oil becomes clean when it is transformed into soap. However, dirty milk does not become clean when it is transformed into cheese or yogurt because its nature has not changed. 

Cleaning Through Cutting and Tanning:

* The skins of the animals that can or cannot be eaten except the pig are regarded clean unless some dirt like blood, etc smears on them. Prayers can be performed on such a skin.

* The skins of all of the animals except the pig are regarded clean when they are slaughtered or when they are tanned. The skin of an animal that died spontaneously without being slaughtered can be used after it is cleaned through tanning. 

According to what is reported from Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him): One of the goats of Sawda bint Zama, one of the wives of the Messenger of Allah, died spontaneously. She said to the Messenger of Allah:

“O Messenger of Allah! My goat died”. The Messenger of Allah said to her:

“Why did you not take its skin?”

Sawda said:

“What shall I do with the skin of a dead animal?” Thereupon, the Prophet said:

“Allah states: ‘If you tan the skin of a dead animal, it becomes halal for you and you can use it.”

Hazrat Sawda sent someone to flay the animal and then she tanned it on her own..

She used that skin as a lysterbag until it was torn.

* Tanning can be applied in two ways:

1. Real Tanning: Tanning through chemicals and medicine like alum, salt, etc.

2. Virtual Tanning: Tanning the skins and hides by sprinkling soil onto them or drying them by laying them under the sun air or wind.

The skin is regarded clean after tanned by either method. Prayers can be performed on it.

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