Will men in Paradise be beardless?

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I read on a website that men in Paradise will have mustache but not beard, is that true? Will you please clarify this issue?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

There is a hadith narration that the people of Paradise are beardless, that their bodies are hairless, their hair is curly, their skin is white, and their age is 30/33. (1)

This hadith narration is sound. (2)

Tirmidhi states that it is hasan. (3)

This are many reasons for it. One of them could be as follows:

Beard is a sign of dignity, adornment, and majesty for men. Since the faces of women in the world are a place of istimta and taqbil (making love and kissing), divine wisdom did not create beards on their faces.

In Paradise, men, like women, are a place of satisfaction of lustful feelings. It is more suitable for men to be beardless and have fair skin, and their adornment and beauty to shine openly. (4)


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4) Cf. Ibn Qayyim, at-Tibyan fi Aqsamil-Quran, 317.

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