Will the people of Paradise be bald?

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I have read that the people of Paradise will be beardless and hairless. Does that mean they will not have hair on their heads either? Will you please give a detailed explanation from the Quran and hadiths regarding the issue?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

According to what is reported from Ibn Abbas, the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“The people of Paradise are young, beardless and hairless. Except for the head, eyebrows and eyelashes, there is no hair, for example, in their armpits and pubic regions. They will be as tall as Adam with their height of 60 cubits, and at the age of Jesus at 33 years old. (See al-Adlu wal-Ihsan, Wasful-Jannah)

Despite all our research, we could not find a source for this narration in the hadith collections.

However, we have no hesitation that they will not be bald because the existence of baldness, which is a bad sight, in Paradise, a place equipped with beauties, is something contradictory.

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