What conditions are necessary for the validity of tayammum?

The following conditions are necessary for the tayammum to be sound and valid in the sight of Allah:

1 – Intention. Tayammum is not valid without intention. Tayammum made without intending to be freed from impurity is not valid. However, intention is not fard but sunnah while making ghusl and wudu.

2 – Lack of water or impossibility to use it despite its presence.

3 – Not having thick material like wax, oil paint, nail polish that cover the skin on the face, hands and arms. Tayammum is not valid if they are not removed.

4 – Not having a state that invalidates wudu while making tayammum. For instance, wudu made while the nose is bleeding is not valid; tayammum is not valid while the nose is bleeding, either.

5 – The soil to be used for tayammum must be clean. The material to be used for tayammum  does not have to be pure soil. Tayammum can be made by using materials that are made of soil and are regarded as soil like such as sand, gypsum, tile, brick, mineral salt, emerald and ruby.

6 – Tayammum is made by touching the soil firmly with the hands twice. After the first touch, the face is wiped and after the second one, the arms are wiped. 

7 – The organs have to be wiped by the whole hand or at least three fingers in tayammum. tayammum made by wiping two fingers is not valid.

8 – The entire face and arms have to be wiped by covering them. For instance, the hairless part between the beard and the ear, the part between the eye and the eyebrow, the whole nose, have to wiped; the rings have to be moved if there are any, and the parts between the fingers have to be wiped, too.

According to another view, if four-thirds of the tayammum organs are wiped, it will be enough.

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