Is it permissible for a Muslim man to keep a beard stylishly, without any religious intent or purpose?

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hello.i am a muslim teenager of age 18.i wanted to know if keeping a beard is prohibited in islam,or deemed unpleasant,if it is not kept in accordance with the sunnah.basically...can i keep a beard stylishly,without any religous intent or purpose?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Like all Prophet our Prophet (PBUH) too grew his beard and advised his followers to grow their beards. We do not have any narration that narrates that our Prophet or his companions shaved their beards, but we have information that our Prophet (PBUH) snipped his beard to give form to. (Tirmizi, Edeb, 17). So growing beard is sunnah. To grow a beard with the intention of fulfilling the sunnah and then shaving it is makruh (abominable). However growing the beard without any intention of fulfilling the sunnah and then shaving it is mubah (the things which performing them or not is permissible in religion).

As for growing a beard stylishly without any religious intention there is no drawback. But we know that our Prophet (PBUH) prevented his companions from resembling Jews or Christians or the others who are not Muslim.

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