Is it compulsory to grow a mustache in Islam? Is a person who does not grow a mustache as big as a fist regarded sinful? Is there any hadith (saying of the Prophet) which states that growing a mustache is compulsory and that one cannot be a Muslim without

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said: Five things-in another narration, ten things-are in our creation. and stated that one of them is shortening the mustache (Muslim, Tahara, 50, 56). It is virtuous to grow a mustache as it means protecting the creation (fitrat). Besides, for some mujtahids (Islamic scholars who are entitled to derive secondary matters from the Quran and the sunnah), it is makrooh (religiously abominable) to completely shave mustache. The hadiths about mustache are about shortening it. In a hadith narrated by Tirmidhi, the Prophet says: The one who does not shorten his mustache is not one of us. (Tirmidhi, Adab, 6). Mustache must be shortened in such a way that the redness of the upper lip can be seen.


Scholars of Islam, taking into attention all the hadith about the issue, say that it is sunnah (the way the Prophet acted, which should be followed by Muslims) to grow a beard, and that without an absolute necessity, it is tahriman makruh (makruh close to haram-prohibition) to shave off the already grown beard.


As for mustache, while some scholars argue that it should not be shaved off but should be shortened from the edges of the upper lip, some other scholars see it as permitted and even better to shave it off provided that there is no intention to resemble women or idolaters.


If a beard is grown, taking good care of it is an expression of the respect toward the sunnah of the Prophet. As to mustache, the religious criteria are as follows: not to let hairs cover the upper lip, to grow the mustache as long as one's own hairs of eyebrows and not to let it grow longer than the lip. The scholars who followed the hadith which said Shorten your mustache. shortened their mustache so short as to make their skins visible.


As a result, we can say this: If a beard is grown, there is no religious drawback in having a mustache or not. If no beard is grown, it is more appropriate to grow a mustache.

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