Who is exempt from Sawm (fasting)?

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im 11 and my dad says i have to fast. but i cant. when its school i fast but at home there is nothing to do but sleep. so sleep . and i had a headache for 2 days so i couldnt sawm. and i ate a 2 meals during the day. what can i do to still sawn the last 9 days of ramdan
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It seems that you are not an adolescent yet because you are only (11), so you are exempt from Ramadan fasting.

Please read the information given below;

Fasting is mandatory on every Muslim who is sane, adult, able and resident. The following exemptions apply:
1. the insane;
2. children who are not adolescent yet;
3. the elderly and chronically ill for whom fasting is unreasonably strenuous; Such persons are required to feed at least one poor person every day in Ramadan for which he or she has missed fasting.
4. pregnant women and nursing may postpone the fasting at a later time;
5. the ill and the travellers can also defer their fasting.
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