What is hypocrisy? What does a hypocrite (munafiq) in terms of deeds mean? Is a person who pays attention to his own personal worship and does not feel sorry for the sins of others regarded as a hypocrite?

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Hypocrisy is used in two senses.

The first one is about faith. A person who hides his unbelief and says that he believes or pretends as if he has believed is a hypocrite in that sense. That is the first thing that comes to mind when the word munafiq (hypocrite) is mentioned.

The second one is hypocrisy in terms of deeds. That kind of hypocrisy becomes manifests mostly by being two-faced and displaying different behaviors in different places.

It is necessary to consider “the hypocrisy of those who break their promise, lie and betray what is entrusted to them” in the hadith in the second sense, in terms of deeds.

A Muslim should think of the salvation of other Muslims, and even all people, as much as he thinks of his own material and spiritual salvation. It is one of the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Companions and other great people.

The virtues of sincerity and altruism necessitate thinking of not only oneself but also others. Altruism is a characteritics praised by the Quran through the Companions:

“They give them (their believing brothers) preference over themselves, even though poverty was their (own lot).” (al-Hashr, 59/9)

In this respect, the sentences you mentioned may have been used in the sense of a person who only thinks about himself and does not think about the miserable state of the ummah, not showing the necessary sincerity. Otherwise, it does not mean that he is a hypocrite in terms of creed.

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