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"Whoever dies and did not fight in battle, nor did he have the sincere wish to fight in battle, dies on a branch of hypocrisy.” then it says in the quran [9:67] The hypocritical men and the hypocritical women are all of a piece; they command that which is disreputable and restrain from that which is reputable, and they tighten their hands. They neglected Allah, so He had neglected them. Verily the hypocrites! they are the ungodly ones.
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-  It is one of the major sins not to make jihad without any excuse.

- During the Age of Bliss, munafiqs (hypocrites) would make up excuses and would not go with the army to make jihad.

- The statements in the verses and hadiths emphasize the hypocrisy in terms of deeds (ethics). For instance, the following hadith: "There are three signs of a munafiq. When he speaks, he tells lies; when he makes a promise, he does not keep it; when he is entrusted something, he betrays." (Tirmidhi, Eeman, 14) and similar hadiths are orders that take precautions and warn Muslims so that they would not approach hypocrisy in terms of belief. When hypocrisy in terms of deeds increases, it may cause the risk of approaching hypocrisy in terms of belief in the future. However, hypocrisy in terms of deeds does not mean that the person is really a hypocrite. That is, a Muslim does not become a munafiq by telling lies or not making jihad in terms of belief. He may have an attribute of munafiqs but he is not a munafiq. Therefore, not everybody that has an attribute of munafiqs can be called a munafiq. Only Allah and the person that He informs about munafiqs know who is a munafiq.

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