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- What are the differences between jinn and evil spirits?
- I was reading about spirits on this site, where you mentioned evil spirits. I thought there were no evil spirits in Islam except jinn, but now this is something new for me.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Some of the beings in the material world are good and some are evil; it is quite reasonable that there are good and evil beings in the spiritual world too, and that they exist as elements that maintain the balance in this realm of good and evil.

- There are unbelievers and evil people as well as believers and good ones among humans; similarly, there are both good and evil beings among jinn. There are both believing and unbelieving jinn.

- It is even clearly stated in a verse that the tribe of Satan is from the tribe of unbelieving jinn.

- Among beings, there are those who are tested and those who are not. All angels are all innocent spirits, as they are innocent and have no ability to rebel. Jinn and humans are subjected to testing because they have the ability to both obey and rebel.

Likewise, as a requirement of the test, there are spiritual angels who inspire goodness and evil spiritual jinn/devils who inculcate evil.

- So, arwah tayyiba means clean (good) spirits and arwah khabitha means unclean (evil) spirits. Angels are examples of the former and devils are examples of the latter. Since human beings also have a spiritual aspect, some of them are clean and some are unclean. However, it is a consequence of their own actions; they are not given the attribute of evil from the beginning.

Those spirits are as different from each other as night and day. Just as there are some insects that enjoy filth, there are also nightingales that enjoy the rose and sing sweet songs about it. Something similar is in question related to spirits.

Every spirit goes to the assembly that suits it. One makes friends with those who fit his character.

- Since we are commanded to seek refuge in Allah from the evil of the bad suggesters of men and jinn in the last chapter of the Quran, the chapter of an-Nas, it is an important issue.

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