Why do many Muslims abandon Islam?

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- I am a Muslim by birth. And I have been practicing Islam since last Ramadan.
- However, I suddenly started thinking, “What if I am not on the right path?” I do not want to go to Hell.
- Therefore, I question my religion and the religions of others. If Islam is a true religion, why do many Muslims and new Muslims abandon it. Please help me.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The criterion for a religion’s authenticity and trueness, and whether it came from Allah is not based on some people’s embracing it and others abandoning it.

Allah has made it clear that there will be those who will accept Islam and those who will not, and He has declared the consequences for both groups.

The criterion for a religion’s authenticity and trueness, and whether it came from Allah is its prophet and book.

A person learns about the life of the Prophet, reads the holy book, and consults with those who know better if he has any questions.

When it is done so, it will be seen that there is no other true and authentic religion on earth today except Islam.

Besides, there are approximately two billion people belonging to this religion; the number of those who abandon the religion of Islam is a drop in the bucket and the number of those who embrace it is probably higher than the number of those who abandon it.

According to research conducted in the USA:

The following is stated in the evaluation prepared by Besheer Mohamed and Elizabeth Podrebarac Sciupac: “In other words, while the number of people lost to Christianity in the USA in terms of conversion is much higher than the number of people gained, Islam in the USA is not affected by conversion in terms of the number of people lost and gained.”

In recent years, the number of American Muslims has been growing steadily, by around 100,000 people annually. The report states the increase in the number of Muslims is not a result of conversions to and from the faith…

When those people were asked why they chose Islam, they gave different answers.

24% say they preferred the teachings of Islam to those of their prior religion, while 21% say they read religious texts or studied Islam before making the decision to switch. Still others said they wanted to belong to a community (10%) the percentage of those who said marriage was the prime motivator was (9%).

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