FAQ in the category of Spirits

1 Do souls go to the realm of souls when we are asleep?

Man is composed of the body and the soul. The body is a structure which consists of flesh and bones and originally earth and which maintains its life thanks to the proteins coming from the earth which have undergone chemical and physical change; and this structure is to turn into earth when it dies.

The soul, on the other hand, is a Divine command that comes from Allah and makes the body alive, grants it the ability to see and feel.

Let us think of a dead man; all his body, hands, arms, brain, eyes, heart, is exactly where they are to be. If we tell this person a joke, ask him a puzzle, tell fearsome stories and sorrowful events, does he react to what we say in any way?

What happened to that man, who, when alive, laughed at every joke, became sad at every sorrowful event, who would get scared, happy, sad? Actually, the crucial question is, what leaves the body when one dies without which there is no happiness or sorrow? The answer is the soul.

It means what produces our feelings and what is the source of emotions is the soul. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain away such notions as happiness, idea, thought with an electrical flow between the organs of body. Thanks to the soul, there are feelings. When the trust of the soul is taken away, feelings and ideas abandon the body, too.

During dreams, the soul does not leave the body. The soul has the ability to be present in other places without leaving the body. Indeed, the souls of those who have purified themselves can be present in many places at a time. Abdulqadir Gilani was seen in more than forty places at a time.

During dreams, too, the human soul is connected to the body. However, while dreaming, different windows are opened to various places and realms and the soul views those realms through these windows. It can contact with other people’s souls.
Sleep is a vital need for humans and God created daytime as the time for working for livelihood and the night as the time for sleeping and resting. Sleeping is not nothingness but is a time for resting.

2 How is the soul purified?

The expression ‘the purification of the soul’ should be understood as the removal of the desires of the soul or, that is the purification of the soul.

In the following verse, “Truly he succeeds that purifies it.” (ash-Shams, 9), the purification of the soul that is encouraged is present. Our scholars explain it as the removal of the bad deeds from the soul, that is, the removal of shirk (polytheism) through belief and the removal of sins through taqwa, and increasing this purification through good deeds.

That is, a person keeps his record clean by doing good things and avoiding bad deeds. In this purification, it is possible to develop spiritually by doing good deeds, purifying the heart and the soul.

The most effective way of protecting the soul from bad deeds and keeping it away from sins is to fulfill the five pillars of Islam. Performing prayers keeps man away from sins. The soul is educated through fasting.

All kinds of words and deeds in the life of man whether in terms of worshipping or ethical virtues become effective in the purification of the soul.

3 Do you think it is possible to contact with and take information from the dead people’s spirits?

1-Calling spirits comes from foreign countries. Its origin is not religion but philosophy.

2-The guest of the spirit calling session that introduce itself as a dead person’s spirit is not that person’s spirit , it is either one of the evil spirits or a jinn that helps devil.

3-The unknown guest of the session can damage the faith of the people that are there and the well-hearted people who hear the untrue declaration from them. For example, it can introduce itself as Mawlana’s spirit. In order to ensure trust on its words, it can read one or two couplets from Mawlana. However, after that it can try to present and indoctrinate the things away from Islam as if they are the words of Mawlana.

This issue is very important at this point: In a faithful dream, evil spirits and the devil cannot take the form of the Prophet. However, during the spirit calling session, perhaps it may give itself the name of the Prophet and then it may talk against Sharia laws (Islamic law) and illustrious practices. If its speech is opposed to Sharia laws and illustrious practices, it is the evidence that the speaker is not a good spirit. It is not a believer or a Muslim jinn. It is an evil spirit and imitates good spirits that way.

Badiuzzaman, who attracts attention to the danger of calling a dead person’s spirit like that, explains how one must get in touch with the spirits as follows:

With the verses “As also the evil ones, (including) every kind of builder and diver. As also the others bound together in fetters” (4) “And of evil ones, were some who dived for him, and did other work besides; and it was we who guarded them”(5), Allah informs us that the jinn, the most important intelligent inhabitants of the earth after man, may serve him. Contact may be made with them. Devils too may be compelled to give up their enmity and they may serve him willy-nilly. Thus, Almighty God subjected them to one of His servants who was obedient to His commands. Through the allusive tongue of the verses, in meaning Almighty God says: “O man! I made jinn, devils, and their evil obey one of My servants who obeyed Me. If you too are subjugated to my commands, numerous beings, and even jinn and devils, may be subjugated to you.

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4 What is the food of spirit?

Our body needs food; similarly, our spirit needs food. The most important food of spirit is a sound belief and after that worship.

Worship enablesour belief to strengthen and our ethics to maturate. The fruit of the tree of belief that feeds on worship is high ethics. The light of belief glitters in the heart of a person who continues worshipping and the feeling of responsibility settles. Thanks to worshipping, we get rid of bad thoughts and the stains of sins. Besides, a Muslim gains the love of other people by fulfilling his financial worship.

We need to eat and drink as we live; similarly, we need to worship and receive spiritual food as we live. Allah states the following in the Quran:

"And serve thy Lord until there come unto thee the Hour that is Certain." (al-Hijr, 15/99)

Thanks to worship, a believer gets rid of the material bonds of the world and ascends spiritually; the barriers in front of him disappear and the illuminated way of the land of endless bliss opens to him. Worship, which is the indication of our belief and the food of our spirit, strengthens our belief; it makes us a mature believer with ethics and virtues by clearing us from bad thoughts and the stains of sins. Thus, it becomes a means of attaining peace in the world, getting rid of torture in the hereafter and reaching the endless and happy life in Paradise for us.   

Human life becomes meaningful based on fulfilling the duty of servitude toward Allah. The kinds of worship that Allah wants us to perform aim to prevent our human aspect from rusting and to keep it shining.

Man is made up of both a body and a spirit; therefore, harmonious progress and balanced development necessitate showing equal care and attention to both aspects.

5 Will you explain the following hadith?: "Spirits are like congregations that came together. Those who knew each other beforehand will get on well and those who do not know each other will leave."

Hz. Abu Hurayra narrates:"The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said,

"Spirits are like congregations that came together. Those who knew each other beforehand will get on well and those who do not know each other will leave."[Bukhari, Anbiya 2; Muslim, Birr 159, (2638); Abu Dawud, Adab 19, (4834).]

Man's spirit exists before he is born. What is mentioned in the hadith is the spiritual life. Spirits see one another and meet in the realm of spirits; some of them get on well with one another and others do not. Therefore, the spirits that like one another in the realm of spirits continue this relation in the bodies that they enter and vice versa.   

This hadith states that human spirits are congregations gathered in groups. The word "mujannada" mentioned in the hadith may mean "reciprocal" or "mixed". As a matter of fact, some spirits form the way of Allah and others the way of Satan.

The word "taaruf" mentioned in the hadith means to know one another. Thus, the spirits that have known one another before entering bodies come together after entering bodies; the good ones com together and the bad ones come together. The spirits that have not met before will not get on well in the world if they come together after they enter bodies.

Nawawi understands this hadith as "congregations that gathered together" or "different groups". He explains knowing one another as"due to a common property Allah placed in their nature when He created them."

Some scholars say, "The spirits meet and get on well because their attributes and ethics were created in a harmonious way."

Some scholars say, "Spirits were created together; the spirits whose natures were not harmonious hated from one another and moved away from one another."

Ibnu'l-Jawzi says, "The following is understood from this hadith: "If a person hates another person who is virtuous and righteous, he needs to search its cause till he eliminates this feeling and gets rid of this property. The same thing can be said for the opposite situation."

Qurtubi says, "Spirits are the same since they are spirits but they differ from one another because of several reasons and they are various."