What is “God Particle”? What is the reason why the manifestations of luminosity in the spiritual world cannot be seen?

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2.1.3-The God Particle

            The subatomic particles like electrons and neutrinos, which are the building blocks of matter, act more like waves although their names are particles, and a place cannot be attributed to them. According to a distribution principle, they are virtually in many places. Therefore, in the subatomic world, subtlety, that is, luminosity, rather than density is dominant. Since it is taken into consideration that the source of the existence of matter is the vibration of a luminous divine power, it is not at all surprising that luminosity is essential in that micro-universe. The problem is not in the clearly observed subtlety of the particles but in the density of the minds. In other words, since the minds of those who search for everything in matter became so focused on matter, that is, they got hard like stone by moving away from spirituality, they cannot see the manifestations of luminosity in the spiritual realm.

It is significant that the Higgs particle, which is claimed to be the essential building block of the universe and which is expected to be observed in the experiments in which particles are clashed at speeds close the speed of light in CERN, is given the name “the god particle” in the world of science as a meaning that is reflected in the consciences. A luminous mind is necessary in order to be able to see and to understand such a half-luminous particle that comes from luminosity and goes toward density. The work of particle physicists, who have not yet settled the confusion caused by the electron that passes through two slits at the same time, is really difficult. Maybe, this particle, which comes from luminosity, will enlighten many minds. As particles move away from the luminous source, which is their field, as particles unite and form bigger particles and as heavy atoms like iron form, density occurs and the rules of the visible realm, in which time and place limitations are in question, start to be dominant.

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