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Praise be to Allah. I'm a new Muslim and was taught that in ghusul we must wet every part of body including the piercings by any method we can. For example, wet an earring and put in the piercing, but I wonder that do I have to wet the piercings while taking ablution or not?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Yes, during the ghusul what is called full ablution, it is farz (obligatory) to wash or wet the whole of body including the pierced. Also, to wash with rubbing the bellybutton, the pierced, pubic etc., is Sunnah (acts and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)).

There is no need to wet earring and put inside the pierced to wet be wetted. With wearing earrings, one can take full ablution as well. Also it is easier to wet by that way by moving the earring up and down. But wearing earring is not compulsory of ghusul.

If the earrings are not worn, one can wet inside pierced by rubbing the pierced area with fingers.

If the pierced is much closed and if there is an obstacle to wet inside the pierced, in that case it is rubbed properly. If water goes in there is no need to wear the earring.

If the pierceds are closed by being filled up, there is no need to open it to wash inside again. If those pierceds become dirty, it may be cleaned if it is possible. For example, if an earring can be worn to those pierceds, by moving up and down it may be cleaned. There is no need to force if not possible; it is not an obstacle for ghusul.

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