Can ears be pierced in order to wear earrings?

Women cannot give up ornaments and adornment due to their creation. They wear some ornaments that they can afford. Most of the ornaments like necklaces, bracelets and rings can be worn without making any treatment on the body. However earrings are not like that. Although nowadays some earrings can be worn directly without piercing, it is generally necessary to pierce the ear in order to wear earrings.

Is it permissible to pierce the ear in order to wear earrings like these?

As it is recorded in the books of Hanafi School like Raddû'l-Muhtar and Al-Fatawa'l-Hindiyyah and books of Shafii School like Ianah At-Tâlibîn, there is no drawback in piercing the ears of a girl or woman in order to wear earrings. (1)

Something like that used to be done during the time of our Prophet (PBUH) and it was not prohibited.(2)

However, some of the Shafii scholars do not permit piercing the ears of girls since it causes pain unnecessarily. Nevertheless, today that drawback is not valid. It is possible to pierce ears without causing any pain or trouble using a painless method.

1. Raddû'l-Muhtar, 5: 270; Al-Fatawa'l-Hindiyyah, 5: 358;
2. Ianah At-Tâlibîn, 4: 175.

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